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Kali`a Alexiou
Age: 14
Date of Birth:
November 2000
Santa Cruz, CA
Sponsors: BOGA Paddleboards and Covewater Paddlesurf (SUP Shop)
Supporters: Performance Paddling SUP Team, Quick Blade Paddles, Rainbow Fins, Zeal Optics, Mom and Dad
Hobbies/Interests outside of SUP: Santa Cruz County Breakers Soccer Club – Center Midfield, swimming anywhere in free time, free surfing, taking pictures.

Recent race results (Place, Division, Event Title, Year):
Battle of the Paddle:
nd place Team BOGA relay
rd place girl in junior race
Maui SUP Championships
2nd place junior in 9 mile Maliko downwinder with 8-10 foot swells
Race the Lake of the Sky: 1st place junior and 5th woman overall in the 5 mile course. 1st place junior in SUP Cross. 1st place junior in the 14 mile course, 3:03 (2014)
st place female 12 and under in the following events: 5 mile, SUP cross, Grom race (2nd overall), 14 mile (youngest female on record to complete course), (2013)
Surftech Jay Race: 1st place junior
Recent Results
Monterey Bay Crossing with friends – 28 mile relay paddle with friend Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen, Santa Cruz to M1 Buoy to Monterey, a little over 6 hours, May 2015.
Davenport Downwinder GRWC, 1st place women’s overall 14 mile race (12 6), 2:31:49, May 2015
Performance Paddling SUP Fiesta, 3rd place girls pro surf $500, Third place girls open surf, 3rd place girls surf race, May 2015, Bolsa Chica, CA
Santa Cruz Paddlefest, 4th place women’s elite 6.2 mile race (12 6), 7th place women’s elite pro sup surf, March 2015, Santa Cruz
San Quentin Breakout 101 Surfsports, 1st place women’s overall 7 mile race (12 6), March 2015, San Rafael, CA
Battle of the Bay, 1st place women’s overall open 5 mile race (12 6), October 2014, San Francisco, CA
Battle of the Paddle, 1st place women’s overall open 4 mile race (12 6), 2nd place mixed pro relay team, September 2014, Salt Creek, CA
Maui SUP Championships, 2nd place women’s junior open 9 mile race (14), Maliko downwinder with 8-10 foot swell, July 2014, Maui North Shore, HI
Race the Lake of the Sky:
1st place women’s open overall (5th women’s elite) in the 5 mile course (12 6), 1st place junior in SUP Cross, 1st place junior (7th women’s elite) in the 14 mile Emerald Bay Distance Race (12 6) South Lake Tahoe, CA
Surftech Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddle Race: 1st place women’s junior 12 mile race (12 6, 3rd woman overall), beat personal record by 17 minutes, 12 mile course, 2:19 minutes, June 2014, Capitola, CA
st place female 12 and under (youngest female on record to complete 12 mile course), 2:36:08 (2013)
Bluerush Summer Race Series #2: 1st place women’s overall, 5 miles (2014)
Davenport Downwinder GRWC: 2nd place women’s overall 14 mile race, 2:13 minutes (14), May 2014, Davenport, CA
Surftech Shootout at Steamer Lane: 1st place women’s duathlon, junior 5 mile race (4th place women’s overall), 3rd place women’s elite sup surf $200, March 2014, Santa Cruz, CA
Battle of the Bay: 1st place women overall open windy10 mile race 2:26:01 / 1st place women overall open 5 mile race, 12’ 6” board class time of 55:39. (2013)
Thunderbird Run: 1st place female 1-18 (2nd women overall), 8 mile race, 12’ 6” board class time of 1:32:45. (2013)
2013 Female SUP “Grom of the Year” by

Other Achievements
Four Soccer Tournament top three finishes with the Santa Cruz County Breakers Soccer Club playing center mid-field in the premier league = highest league bracket in Northern California
2015 Graduate Aptos Junior High School with the Principal’s Award for Outstanding Achievement, California Junior Scholastic Federation Student Member (CJSF), Honor Roll for all quarters in middle school, Spelling Bee winner and One Million Word Reader Award every year od school since 3rd grade.

What event are you most looking forward to in 2015 and why? What are your goals for that event?
I was most looking forward to Battle of the Paddle (BOP) this year to defend my place as first woman overall in the 4 mile open. However, since the event is cancelled my focus is to excel at the Jay Race here in Captitola and Race the Lake of the Sky in South Lake Tahoe. These two races will help prepare me for two major channel races (Maui 2 Molokai & Molokai 2 Oahu) this July in Hawaii with my friends and family. Also, I`m looking forward to surfing both competitively and for fun as we move into an El Nino winter!
How has stand up paddling helped you in other areas of your life?
Stand Up has helped me in other areas of my life by keeping me in shape, being comfortable in the ocean, allowed me to meet cool people and go on fun trips like Baja and Hawaii with family and friends. I really enjoy all the different aspects of stand up and how I am always learning!