"Empower, Equip, Educate, Challenge and Motivate"

Youth in Motion is a 501c-3-tax exempt, non-profit organization established on the island of Molokai, to assist youth on Molokai.

Youth in Motion was established in 1997 with emphasis being placed on after-school and intersession with windsurfing & kayaking instructions. Youth in Motion's Ocean and Sailing program was attempted a few years back, but with a key volunteer departing Molokai, the program was put on hold.

Clare Seeger Mawae runs the program by giving hands on learning and leadership training through the ocean. Clare has been serving the Youth on Molokai with windsurfing, kayaking, learn to swim programs, basic water safety programs, and organizing an annual festival (A celebration of Youth Opportunities-2003-2006) from 1999-2006. Clare took a rest from volunteer work from September 2007-March 2010, in order to pursue her education and reevaluate the programs and events of Youth in Motion.

Since 2010 Youth In Motion has focused more on Stand Up Paddling since this is one of the easiest ocean sports to learn while keeping healthy with exercise. However the future is unlimited with many different ideas that work with the mission statement so that Youth can be empowered with their dreams. Youth In Motion is not just about the ocean, it is everything to do with motion.

The ocean and sailing program addresses water safety, the basic principles of sailing understanding the elements of wind power on the ocean, and using other non-motorized forms of crafts when windsurfing is involved. The program comprises of kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Windsurfing, (to understand the fundamentals of the wind) and sailing when the sailboats are functional! Youth in Motion would also like to introduce sailing canoes later, as well as repair, maintenance programs so that youth can learn how to make necessary repairs, which will be dependent volunteers.

Youth In Motion's Mission "Empower, Equip, Educate, Challenge and Motivate Youth through activities that engage and develop their mental, emotional, creative, and physical skills on the land and in the ocean." 

YIM Founders

What is Youth In Motion about and Future Goals?YIM is about creating opportunities and showing youth that with a determination and hard work that anything is possible.

YIM was conceived on the act of motion and wants to be able to work with any youth or organization where motion is involved whether it is drawing with a pen or swinging a bat on a field.

YIM wants to work with local youth organizations in searching for additional creative fundraising avenues that not only can raise funds for the organizations, but help search for creative avenues to spread the mission of the organization. YIM would also like to find additional creative fundraising ideas that can help with any youth in the community that has a drive and a passion to follow a dream that is healthy and productive.